Home Exterior Project

Our remodeling and renovation services extend well beyond what is listed online. We can help recreate ANY room in your home to make it your dream home. Along, with doing complete room remodeling and renovations, take a look at some additional ways we can assist you.

Your deck is an outside extension of your home. Its exposure to nature means it needs regular maintenance or repairs to keep it safe and pleasant. Some common problems with decks include: loose, cracked, or rotten wood, plaint boards, aged or weakened support posts, and even loose handrails. Let us We can fix these structural issues affecting the looks, safety or use of your deck.

  • Repair

  • Construct

  • Power Wash

  • Seal & More

In some instances, your deck may be beyond a simple repair especially when the deck structure needs to be fixed. In that case, we can help by constructing a brand new patio or deck. Have XLNC General Contracting build you a deck that is meant to last.

When a new patio or walkway need to be installed we can offer innovative remodel and design ideas to help you get the look you seek. You can either choose to have a plain paver, concrete or a combination of the two to achieve the desired look.